UAE Ministry issues its own tourist map of London with emphasis on safety

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Abu Dhabi, 19 August 2014, The National – Some Emiratis say they will avoid areas of London after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a map of “dangerous areas” in the English capital.

Those highlighted as most dangerous were Oxford Street, Edgware Road, Piccadilly and Soho, while less perilous were Shepherd’s Bush and Queensway.

“I will definitely be avoiding those areas the next time I go to London because this is like an official warning from the ministry,” said Dubai resident Mona Al Ali, 29.

“I will take it seriously because I can’t imagine going to such places without getting scared or worried.”

The warning comes after two separate attacks on Emiratis in the city this year.

On April 6, three sisters were attacked in their room at the Cumberland Hotel by a hammer-wielding burglar, while two weeks later an Emirati couple and their friend were confronted by intruders wielding a gun and butcher knife in their Paddington apartment.

The ministry said the areas on its map had high crime rates for fraud, theft and pickpocketing.

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