Project Description

“I am very passionate about enhancing the quality of services in general, what i mean here is that we should always use technologies and innovations to simplify and enhance our life. I always travel around the world to see the beauty of man creations in our living aspect, therefore i tried to learn and transfer the know how to my country and people. Life is tough for many people to survive but i believe that resources on earth are enough for all . We need to read and forecast the future so that we meet our expectations and manage our life better than before. My advise for all is to treat people as you like to be treated, and don’t forget to be honest and loyal to yourself before being to others because keeping good dignity is the most important to make success with people and life”.

Dr Alneyadi is involved in several professional activities, including: Executive Government Relations with the Institute of Applied Technology, Chairman (f) of Mazaya Media, President (f) of Emirates Safer Internet Society, and Director (f) at Knowledge Point, along with other professional activities as visiting professor at Abu Dhabi University.