Fabricio Robson

Country Director, Senior Executive Officer, Brazil

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Project Description

Specialist in International Law; Bachelor in Law; research analyst in the areas of security, defense and anti-terrorism; Professor of the following disciplines: International Law, Quality Inspection, Sociology, Philosophy and Portuguese Language. It has a range of military and civilian courses of relevance. She currently attends a nursing technician for further improvement in the area of ​​tactical rescue.

He was a member of the Brazilian Air Force, where he specialized in Guard and Security – Infantry. Some of his military experiences were in coordinating teams for events, receiving and advising authorities on protocols to be followed on several occasions, important projects carried out in the Social Communication / Public Relations sector and the Infantry Battalion 63, both at EPCAR.

He is familiar with protocols of the Presidency of the Republic of Brazil concerning ceremonies. Coordination of visits of international and national meetings; advanced knowledge in computer science; crisis manager; diverse logistic planning; patio maneuvers with fixed and rotating wing aircraft; UFT operation, push-back; tactics of rescue, fire-fighting, assault and defense, CCTV, among others.

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