Project Description

Senior Consultant with a great experience in Intelligence analysis, retired Senior intelligence officer, geopolitical intelligence analyst, Defense, Military, business intelligence, global security and Risk Assessment specialized in the Maghreb-Sahel&Middle east security threats.

Profession – title:
Geopolitical Analyst, Geopolitical Intelligence Analyst & Consultant,Global Intelligence Analyst, International Affairs consultancy, security consultancy, Strategic Intelligence Consultant, Head of security, Business intelligence Assistant (network &investigation), Citizen Reporter, or Free Press in the Maghreb Region.

Areas of Expertise/Key Competencies:

  • Geopolitical Intelligence Analysis
  • Presenting Intelligence reports
  • Researching raw information
  • Reviewing raw information
  • Collating raw information
  • Evaluating raw information
  • Analyzing intelligence
  • International Relations
  • Strategic Intelligence
  • Geopolitics
  • Defense
  • Military
  • Security
  • Education and Qualifications
  • Diploma of officer
  • Master in Management
  • Degree in general Law studies
  • Advanced course in Gendarmerie and criminal sciences
  • Advanced course for infantry in the Army
  • Specific training in intelligence by a famous intelligence service
  • Diploma in German terminology
  • Training for UN Observer mission

Previous Employment

  • Tunisian Army:judicial military police: Head of Service 3 Years
  • Operational intelligence officer: 2 Years
  • Intelligence Analyst: 3 Years
  • Intelligence investigation Senior Officer: 2 Years
  • Intelligence training Center Deputy Director: 5 Years
  • Geopolitical intelligence Data Base department Chief: 8 Years
  • Geopolitical intelligence Analysis consultant: Freelance since 2010