Lt. Col (Rtd) Ali Al Harthy

General Manager Group Security at Oman Air

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Project Description

General Manager Group Security at Oman Air, Lt. Col (Rtd) Ali Al Harthy, a retired military officer, who after serving 25 years in the services in areas of security, logistics, explosives and EOD took up a new career in aviation security.  Currently he is the General Manager of the Group Security for Oman Air.   Ali is a post graduate from Strathclyde University in Management, an ICAO AVSEC PMC holder. Ali has represented in the past, the military in his areas of his expertise and also presented in AVSEC conferences and seminars as a panel member and speaker. Ali was  an observer member in the IATA Security Executive Group (SEG-IATA), and is a member of the Aviation Security Working Group in AACO and Chairman of the AACO Aviation Security Advisory.
His task in Oman Air is to develop, modify, direct and control security measures, procedures and fraud prevention policies to safeguard Oman Air assets from security hazards, threats, acts of unlawful interference.  He is also responsible for the investigation in such acts and to convene security risk assessments, audits and crisis management in security issues.
Lt. Col. (Rtd) Al Harthy is a member of various national security committees and an AVSEC Inspector, Auditor and Trainer.

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