Antonio Coutinho-Rockefeller

Chairman at Rockefeller Holdings

Began his duties in the Rockefeller group in 1987, where he founded the National Public Health Company CND (that has become the largest company in its sector of activity) and in which he served as General Director until 2002, from that date began to play the role of Administrator Consultant until 2012.

Since 1987 he worked as executive consulting in over 100 institutions. General Motors | Ford Motors | IBM | Shell | Bayer | Nestle | BP | CEPSA | TOTAL | Vodafone | BASF | Auchan Group | Santander bank | Millennium BCP | BPI | Caixa Geral de Depósitos | Amorim Group | Jeronimo Martins Group | José de Mello Group | Sonae Group | Galp energia | ANA aeroportos | CTT Group | EDP Group | Mota-Engil Group | Teixeira Duarte Group | Serralves, Oriente and Casa da Música Fundation | AEP | FIFA / FPF | and was Consultant Director in several companies, including Pereira Coutinho Group, Portuguese Agrochemistry, Institute of Health and DreamS – Investment Management SA. Was responsible for teams of Consulting Executives at the following institutions of the Government of Portugal: Presidency Council of Ministers / Ministry of Health / Ministry of Education / Ministry of Justice / Ministry of Economy / Finance / Ministry of Culture / Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries / Ministry of Public Works and Bank of Portugal.
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