Hon. Mr. Anwar Hussein

Special Ambassador UNASDG IGO Int. Affairs & Investments


As an entrepreneur with more than 28 years of financial market experience, he has built a career within the telecommunications and the renewable energy industry in the MENA, rest of Africa, the sub continent and central Asia through investments not only to the economic growth but a lasting positive social and environmental benefit and impact driven by:
• Investment into domestic productive capacity
• Support of the entrepreneurs in business
• Fostering financial inclusion
• Improving access to cleaner energy and innovative technology
• Fostering sustainable communities and cities
Mr. Anwar Hussein has been leading investments in renewable energy projects, structured financial investments to transactions and technology development over the past 10 years across several countries based on innovation and policy commitments for projects that are in various stages of ongoing developments through fund development partners across Asia, Europe and the US.
As an executive he is also engaged in leading and growing the current operations along with the technical development, project management and fund investments within the water, oil & gas, infrastructure, telecom, fintech, health, hospitality and real estate, agriculture and mining sectors by forging several joint venture strategic partnerships with key industry players with the aim of contributing towards regional development that is innovative, eco-friendly and sustainable.