H.E. Senator Pat Meyer

President UNASDG IGO & Security Council

Pat is a goal-oriented entrepreneur with extensive experience in government-related consulting. After starting his career as a civil servant, he moved fairly quickly into the international security industry and has made a name for himself servicing diplomatic structures, particularly embassies. He has been an operative for Octagon Strategic Services as Director Europe for more than 15 years. In addition to his activities in the Defense and Intelligence sectors, he has maintained a consultative status with the United Nations for years and has been a leading force in the Anti-Corruption Committee in Ukraine and is the President of the International Human Rights Community in addition to his former role as Head of Europe for the International Diplomatic Mission Euro-Ukraine, responsible for the implementation of Ukraine in Europe at the economic, social and cultural levels.

He is an honorary member and ambassador of different orders and is currently engaged in building safe structures in Africa to prevent and fight corruption in cooperation with the UN ASDG Security Council and all relevant international institutions. Special attention is currently being given to the implementation of specific UN- programs along the lines of specific US governmental support programs to build SDG villages and cities with renewable energy and waste recycling systems that reduce carbon emissions.

Pat is founder and president of the United Nations Alliance for Sustainable Development Goals Intergovernmental Organization (UNASDG IGO) and, besides advising ministries, has been and is still a consultant to the United Nations Global Sustainability Index Institute (UNGSII) for several years, where the UNASDG is the lead agency of. He is also a Director within the Studebaker Defence Group, responsible for UN-SDG Programs and the implementation of relevant security protocols and is also the President of the UNASDG Security Council and the President of the Senate of CSR Dialogforum Austria, an NGO with Consultative Status to the UN. He is also responsible for the realization of lighthouse projects and the monitoring and support of sustainable development projects, according to the defined goals of the United Nations, by bringing in investments and linking central banks and commercial investors and verifying them through close cooperation with economic and credit institutions.