Prof. Dr. Sci. Nadiya V Boyko, Ph.D.

Science Advisor

Professor Nadiya Boyko regularly lectures molecular microbiology at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Bayreuth. She also dedicates her time to the Head of the Department of Clinical and Laboratory Diagnostics and Pharmacology as a kind of loyalty to her alma mater Uzhhorod National University and because of her love for teaching developing young generations. She is a worldwide recognized scientist with a research focus in the biological sciences, clinical and laboratory diagnostics, pharmacology, molecular microbiology, and mucosal immunology. Nadiya is periodically invited to speak at conferences and congresses in many countries around the globe.
As an experienced mentor, researcher, speaker, and business-skilled professional, Nadiya initiated a groundbreaking project Validator, a platform to validate scientific solutions that bring innovation and foster business development. The place where the science frontier turns research into progress. She is leading this project as a researcher with a proven record.