Our vision and commitment is to provide relevant and up to date expertise to the public and private sector regarding security challenges; assisting them on improving policies on public safety, homeland security and human security is our utmost priority. Aside from providing expertise, our mandate is to provide assistance and training by using an integrated model for combating transnational security threats, crime, and terrorism.

Moreover, our security programs expand on areas such as: countering narco-terrorism, strategic intelligence analysis, tactical intelligence analysis, geopolitical intelligence analysis, counter-narcotics analysis, organizational structure, policy development, policy review, human trafficking as well as on border risk and vulnerability assessment.

Cyber Security & Countering Cyber Terrorism

IOSI offers comprehensive cybersecurity services in order to assess, mitigate and monitor potential cyber threats targeted to entities’ critical assets. Our security experts use an intelligence-driven risk management framework to assist organizations in understanding the severe consequences that can ensue. Countering cyber threats is ascertained to be the most cost-effective security investments; the implementation of related security solutions also enables business environments to be prosperous and secure.

Geopolitical, Business Intelligence & Due Diligence

Grounded in our proprietary risk management methodology, our unit of IOSI Geopolitical, Business Intelligence & Due Diligence assists organizations in proactively identifying and monitoring risks in order to better inform mergers and acquisitions (M&A), partnership opportunities, executive hires, board appointments, reputation profiling, market entry opportunities as well as other high-risk activities.

Physical Security and Asset Protection

Our security experts leverage a proprietary risk management methodology in order to assess, mitigate and monitor the spectrum of physical security threats to organizations. Having thoroughly assessed every risk dimension of an organization, our experts provide tailored solutions and develop actionable recommendations for the physical and cyber components of a converged security model – all based on an organization’s unique business requirements.

Corporate Security

IOSI offers a full suite of corporate security services that include the following: assessment of location-specific threat environments, development of potential attack vectors, mitigation and crisis management plans. Additionally, our experts conduct simulations and table-top exercises that provide tactical safety and security support; in other words, our experts organize and run international travel security programs, medical assistance for crises, evaluation of executive protection programs and safeguard information of high-profile leaders and their families.

Insider Threat

Our experts build insider threat mitigation capabilities designed to assist organizations in proactively identifying potential employee undertakings that can be nefarious. Preparing organizations to detect unauthorized activities in real time becomes part of the mitigation capabilities; such actions minimize the consequences of insider threats to an organization, its investors, customers and employees.