Independent Investigation

PROJECT PHASE Project closure – Submitted to The International Criminal Court (ICC)

Our organization, the Global Organization for Security and Intelligence (IOSI), has been officially appointed by the National Assembly of Venezuela – the only remnant of functioning institutional powers in Venezuela –  to conduct a comprehensive, international, and multidisciplinary investigation with the purpose of determining a wide range of transnational criminal activities undertaken by or involving officials from the Maduro regime. 

This appointment does not come as a coincidence, as most IOSI members and associated experts have dedicated years to investigating, researching, and monitoring the pace and progress of the Venezuelan Revolution; our team has also gauged the Venezuelan Revolution’s impact on national, hemispheric, and international security.

Since the administration of the deceased Hugo Chavez and followed by the current administration of Nicolas Maduro, crime in Venezuela has soared to unthinkable levels. In Venezuela as well as abroad, crime has been organized and operated by key officials of the Maduro regime. By using governmental institutions, these officials have constructed a complex network of state and non-state actors to conduct a wide range of national as well as international criminal operations –  with the participation of terrorist groups too. 

Through this complex web of actors, governmental entities in Venezuela, among others, have been implicated in the network of criminal operations. Entities such as the following are already targeted (with international implications): the Armed Forces of Venezuela, the state-owned oil company (PDVSA), the National Revenue Agency, state-owned and controlled financial institutions as well as various ministries. 

Glaring corruption, money laundering, trafficking of illegal drugs and weapons seem to have not caused enough damage to the country. Among other things, the Maduro regime has financed regional and international terrorism alongside with support on logistics. Almost all crimes against humanity committed have been overlooked; human rights abuses, political violence promoted and supported by the state, assasination of political dissidents (social leaders, students and citizens in general) are just part of the agenda. The Maduro regime and its accomplices have run a terror campaign against the population, and political prisoners are only a small glimpse of it.  

This grave situation has profoundly impacted the fabric and social structure of the Venezuelan population. Indeed, this crisis has spanned into all aspects of society – political, social, economic and healthwise. In the contemporary history of Venezuela, the levels of hunger, the lack of medicine, and the collapse of all essential public service had never been so flagrant. By default, the high level of violence as well as the overwhelming public dissatisfaction have pushed the Venezuelan population to a breaking point – there is no accountability for any undertaken deeds in order to survive. Our organization fears that such an anarchic state of survival, in which people live on a daily-basis, will develop into even greater civil unrest – inconceivable consequences to ensue. Having such panorama in mind, the Maduro regime has publicly expressed its intention to arm even more violent civilian groups; such undertaking intends to keep ambushing and targeting the Venezuelan population with the support of the Armed Forces as well. 

The Maduro regime’s criminal operations have already affected many nations around the world – regionally and internationally. As a case in point, Venezuela has become a strategic and significant landmark for the transit of most illegal drugs leaving from South America to international markets. 

Prominent officials from the Maduro regime, their close family members and other accomplices, have been arrested on international counter-narcotics operations. Money laundering and corruption cases have been exposed in several nations, involving key government officials and other “official operators”; the stolen and laundered sums are estimated in the hundreds of billions of dollars. Along the same lines, emblematic cases of money laundering and hidden fiscal accounts have been exposed in many international investigations; some cases are reflected in the Panama Papers as well as in bank accounts from Andorra, Switzerland, Panama, United States, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Canada, among other countries. It is a common practice to also have front businesses for such purposes across the globe. The Maduro regime’s operators are looking for new havens; seeking to invest in different business areas in the Middle East, Asia and Africa is their alternative strategy. 

As authorized by the National Assembly of Venezuela, IOSI will be: arranging meetings, gathering technical data, and collecting intelligence (related to criminal investigations conducted by entities worldwide). The results will be presented in an extensive report to be addressed to the international community – including the International Court (ICC), the United Nations (U.N.), the Organization American States (OAS), the  European Union (EU), and other international organizations. The goal of such a report will be to discuss proper actions to be taken at the international level to bring to justice those who have been proven guilty of criminal and other illegal activities. IOSI is committed to fulfilling such an important work – actively supporting the Venezuelan National Assembly on this task. By doing so, IOSI strives to bring justice to the Venezuelan population – which they so urgently need – and to assist the nation in the process of stabilization, democratization and governance. 

IOSI’s investigation is divided into two specialized working groups:

Task Force Team 1 – Investigative Team: This group will focus on gathering, processing, and analyzing proven crimes and recommending appropriate legal processes.

Task Force Team 2 – Reconstruction Assistance Team: This group will focus on the organization of two international forums where a diversity of Venezuelan national and international voices will present solutions on topics related to the nation’s reconstruction.

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