IOSI provides advising and training to governments, corporations and institutions on: policy strategy, security and risk management, intelligence, law enforcement, military, judicial, and security services. We bring decades of experience in government, law enforcement, military, academic and corporate areas; by doing so, we provide an integrated and holistic approach to any request. 

IOSI combines a mesh of technical knowledge as well as hands-on experience;  operatives having the skill set of consultants and additionally with the academic rigour of policy analysts, we provide an unparalleled service. 

We have the expertise and resources to meet and exceed your organization’s goals.


  • Law Enforcement
  • Military
  • Intelligence
  • Judiciary
  • Critical Infrastructure



Security Training Program

  • Investigative Training
  • Intelligence Operations and Analysis
  • Professional Training
  • Critical Event Survival
  • Cultural Intelligence

Security Solutions

  • Cyber Security
  • Crisis Management
  • Procedures and Protocols
  • Major Event Security
  • Venue Security
  • Travel Security
  • Tourism Security

Intelligence and Threat Assessments

  • Risk Assessments
  • Intelligence Reporting
  • Knowledge Management
  • Situational Forecasting
  • Venue Security
  • Travel Security
  • Corruption, Fraud and Regulatory Investigations