IOSI offers solutions such as global investigations with their due compliance and monitoring; security and technological deliverables are part of these solutions to address our clients critical needs – regardless of which industry they are in. Our team of investigators, compliance experts, monitoring experts, experienced security and technological consultants only focus on delivering remarkable results for our high-profile clients. As trusted partners of our clients, we survey and analyze industries to lead and guide when providing solutions – applying local political and business context to investigations.

We built our brand on the collective strength of experience and reputation drawn from individual parts in order to serve as an established source of protection, strategic guidance, and leadership for our clients.

Global Technical Expertise

With a combination of forensic accounting, technology capabilities and local political analysis, we deliver actionable intelligence about environments where your operations are. Stakeholder mapping, competitive intelligence and analysis of broad market trends give your organization the upper hand in any investigative context. Granular data about individuals, partners and government actors can assist your organization in making clear decisions through fast-changing environments.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Expertise

Our professionals in the area of investigation have accumulated decades of experience assisting clients with bribery and corruption risk proceedings in every corner of the globe. Our expertise covers all sorts of industries ranging from healthcare, pharma, communications, manufacturing, infrastructure to energy and extractives. We have served as a government-appointed monitoring body as well as representatives of our clients and their boards in front of regulatory enforcement agencies across the world.

Working with the IOSI Board

We work seamlessly with the Board to provide added value and technical capabilities to an investigative team. Our accounting, eDiscovery, data solutions, language skills and review of internal controls sit in a forensic data collection framework that meets law enforcement standards. We also focus on: regulatory investigations response, internal investigations advisory, cross-border investigations, e-Discover & e-Disclosure services as well as on forensic data analytics (digital forensics).

Investigating Fraud and Malfeasance

Our team of experts has assisted organizations in the investigation and resolution of embezzlement, financial statement frauds and conflicts of interest. Our understanding of business environments sits together with the application of other security solutions for the resolution of these challenges.