Armando Figueroa

Director General de la Kapé-Kapé

Kape-Kape has oriented her fieldwork to identify and address the most urgent needs of indigenous peoples located in the Bolívar, Amazonas, Monagas, and Delta Amacuro, mainly where indigenous communities live Yekuanas, Jivis, Pemon, Piaroas, and Warao, among others.
Kape-Kape observes and documented an unprecedented situation related to the mining of “bloody diamonds and gold” of Orinoco.
Indigenous peoples living in Delta Orinoco’s vast area are exposed to actions and factors of violence and abuse. By officials or government sectors, criminal groups organized, or by environmental predators. Constant turbulent aspects of modern society have dramatically aggravated the living and survival conditions of Indigenous peoples of Amazonia.
Special mention deserves the serious Venezuelan political situation, deeply marked by a violent division among the national population, dramatically affecting these indigenous peoples.
The most vulnerable groups in the country are indigenous communities. Global society does not having registered an actual dimension of the consequences to these peoples—the particularities of violence and even killings of indigenous people by legal and illegal miners. Even by state agencies – for the control of gold and diamond deposits explored in their regions.
Kape Kape is working hard to bring a testimony of this organized genocide.