Nikole Read

Director Of Strategic Partnerships at IOSI GLOBAL

United Kingdom

Nikole began her professional career in the Police force in England where she spent over 4 years in an enforcement position. It was because of her experiences on the force that Ms. Read decided to pursue a career in law. She graduated with honours and completed her LL.B at Staffordshire Law School in 2009, and studied International Labour Migration, Politics, and Ethics at the University of Oxford. From there she practiced her legal knowledge by leading an international legal firm.

Due to Ms. Read’s strong values, leading her company with high ethical principles and integrity, the company under her leadership has been nominated multiple times for the Diversity Awards. In 2016, she was appointed the first Canadian Chairperson of the International Trade Council (ITC) representing Canadian and US members in a global not-for-profit association, that embodies in excess of 29,100 companies, chambers of commerce, business associations, standards agencies, and government trade agencies worldwide. Within her role, she led various successful missions and conducted many summits on global trade. She was involved in two World Trade Board action groups; the Sustainable Trade Action Group (STAG), and the SME Trade Financing Group focusing on Africa. She also actively participates in politics and creates strategies for various international organizations.

On a local level, Ms. Read has participated invariably in the Citizens Advice Bureau, Community Services, and the Disability Network. Throughout the years she sat on various local boards in the capacity of Board Director, Vice-Chair, and Chair. Within her community, Ms. Read has dedicated a large portion of her time volunteering by teaching ESL & Citizenship classes, immigration clinics, and organizing and facilitating her community’s first two Multicultural Days.