Sebastian Sarbu

Senior Executive Officer


Military analyst, intelligence and strategic diplomacy expert , Chairman of the National Academy of Security and Defense Planning ,International School of Strategy & Tactics degree, Senior Executive Officer at International Organization of Security and Intelligence Vancouver Canada, Expert in Security NATO CAGE, NCAGE AQ427 Italy, director of International Center for Criminal Intelligence USA Florida, Transatlantic Press Club member, , member of Society of Historic Sciences from Romania, Major General at International Academy of Cossack Ukraine, Security Analyst at Institute of Criminology, Forensic Sciences , Intelligence and Security – Spain,accredited at Interior Ministry of Spain, Former Special Advisor at Helsinki Think Tank, World Contributor at The Daily Journalist, Ph D and effective member at World Academy of Human Sciences, Academic title – Instituto Internacional para el desarrollo humano -Spain,Cnr-UNESCO,Doctor Honoris Causa -Academy Global Security, member of Interdisciplinary Research Group of Romanian Academy , publicists, information work,expert antiterrorism, geopolitics, anticorruption& intelligence expertise. Author of 12 scientific books and 300 scientific articles. Award Merit from International Society of UN Mission veterans and volunteers. Man of Honor Title of 1 er Regiment de Cavalerie, Foreign Legion, France
( Michael Szpot Instructor ) Diploma of full participation at National Academy of Intelligence Mihai Viteazul, Intelligence in the knowledge society “. Ph.D. in military sciences at Academy of Romanians Scientists, Military Section at Military Science Magazin, publicists activity at Geopolitica Magazin, The Daily Journalist, Libertatea, Evenimentul Zilei, Gardianul, Magna News, Calea Europeana, Europeană Way.
Author of university book The Corruption the flaw of the modern society, The Victor Publishers -2005 included in the Anticorruption Guide of Ministry of Internal Affairs – Romania in 2014
Country Serving