Wolfgang Rehak

Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) at IOSI Global

Serving Globally

On 2nd June 1956, Prof. Rehak was born into a prominent academic family in East Berlin. Under the guidance of his chemist father, Prof. Rehak developed a passion for chemistry, which he pursued at the Humboldt University of Berlin until he finally attained a professorship just before the age of 30. After spending several years in academia, it became clear to Prof. Rehak that knowledge must reach the global public to transform the common fate of humankind positively. Together with six like-minded friends, Prof. Rehak founded the Opto-transmitter Environmental Protection Technology e.V. (hereafter OUT e.V.) in 1991. Following the milestone of OUT e.V., Prof. Rehak has recognized his outstanding interpersonal skills, which have earned him the reputation of “the most successful salesman in Silicon Valley” among his business partners. Since then, Professor Rehak has been establishing knowledge-driven entities aiming to unite international talents with ingenious ideas for more than 20 years. He is a steadfast practitioner of eye-level communication due to his genuine interests in people and solid personal integrity. Having lived in three continents and frequently travelled himself, Professor Rehak is well equipped with intercultural competence. Professor Rehak’s incessant efforts led to establishing the Network for Systemic Integrated Safety Monitoring (hereafter ne-sis) in 2004. One of the most important initiatives implemented by ne-sis is European Aviation Security Center e.V. (hereafter easc e.V.) based in Schönhagen. It serves as the international bridge between inventive companies and academic institutions to develop sustainable aviation security policies. Prof. Rehak launched several research networks in the ensuing years, spanning across the fields of tunnel security (tusec in 2007), safety for underground transport systems (siu-x in 2010) and visual security technologies (nost in 2012). Prof. Rehak has been continually challenging the border of knowledge and contributing to groundbreaking inventions. He is one of the masterminds behind Firewatch, a modern instrument against severe deforestation resulting from bush fire based on the optical sensor system (OSS) with unprecedentedly wide detection area (up to 15km). A 30% reduction of burnt area owing to the Firewatch technology was testified by the Brandenburg Statistics 1992-2011. With the hands-on experience of running easc e.V., Prof. Rehak has acknowledged the pressing need for swift development in the international air travel industry. His relentless research eventually gave birth to Gate of Trust TM, a state-of-the-art that tremendously harmonizes fundamental airport security procedures and prioritizes passengers’ feelings to ensure a smooth business operation. He duly follows in his father’s footsteps, who dedicated his lifework to the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (hereafter NPT). Prof. Rehak is a resolved advocate for ultimate nuclear disarmament: “Never again!”.